Oxford Computer Consultants Ltd is a UK SME, based in Oxford. OCC was founded in 1989 and has specialised in providing bespoke software services to a wide variety of clients, recently focusing on web delivery of services.

Our role in Operando is (1) to provide overall coordination of the project (2) to lead the development of web interfaces to the Operando users, and provide backend development, (3) to provide a field validation of the procurement and management of personal social care and (4) to support the management of legal, ethical and standards compliance. OCC is also the project Data Controller.

OCC has significant experience in working on EU projects, having initially been founded as a consequence of work on TOPMUSS. Since then, OCC has worked on a number of projects, including most recently PERFORM, REACT, CuPID and EMERGENT.

Over half of OCC’s business is now delivering software for the management of finances, contracts and resources in the field of social care. A list of our products is available here (http://lg.oxfordcc.co.uk) and since 2013 they have been available via the UK Government G-Cloud (https://www.digitalmarketplace.service.gov.uk/g-cloud/framework). Our largest products are Controcc (Social Care Contract Management) and Marketplace (Social Care Management information and procurement). OCC Marketplace has been branded as CarePlace for the West London Alliance which originally was a consortium of six London Local Authorities with an adult social care budget of £300M but has now 15 members and is still growing. OCC also provides PSOCC; a complementary system for providers of social care which supports case management as well as interfacing with local authorities for the management of finance. These systems hold considerable amounts of personal health and financial data. The amount of data held is going to rapidly increase following the passage of the UK Care Act (2014) driving social care towards individual budgets and personalisation. The model in the future will be citizens (or their representatives) access portals for Social Care through which they upload personal care needs and their financial resources and construct their own care packages. 

OCC is an ISO 27001 accredited software house handling data on social care and finances for over 50 UK Local governments. ISO 27001 concerns the management of information security including Security policies, governance of information security, the management of information assets, the acquisition, development and maintenance of secure application and conformance with information security policies, standards, laws and regulations. We are the partners responsible for ethical and legal compliance in the current Emergent project which mines personal social media data for use by emergency services in the event of major emergencies. OCC is developing web crawling and information mining, quality and routing. OCC develops data mining strategies for research and industrial clients. For example, in a previous FP7 project (PERFORM) we used data mining to discover trends in large data sets of patients with Parkinson’s disease. Furthermore they build web applications to harvest social media.