RomSoft ( (RMS) is a Romanian private software development company with extensive experience in the design and implementation of scalable IT systems for its clients in Western Europe, USA and Japan as well as in research and development activities through participations in multiple partnership consortia funded through European and national R&D programmes. RomSoft was granted the "Certification for Scientific Development and Research" issued by NASR (National Authority for Scientific Research) in 2008 and is ISO 9001 certified by TÜV AUSTRIA CERT GMBH since 2004.


RomSoft was responsible for all design and software development stages in several integrated platforms with applications to telemedicine, e-health or mHealth that include everything from data acquisition (from electronic equipment or smart sensors) to data integration, processing and secure transmission of data, patient/doctor interfaces, prediction systems, next-generation patient data management, monitoring and real time notifications and reporting. Such complex, modular platforms include server-side software, multi-platform clients and interfaces with electronic and telecommunication components that are connected over private networks and/or public Internet and allow controlled access and transfer of information. As an example one of them performs automated tele-monitoring in real time, anytime and anywhere, of patients with increased medical risks.
Within the typical collaborative framework of any research activity, we are able to offer our extensive expertise that includes research and analysis, software architecture and implementation, infrastructure design, graphic interface design, multifaceted testing and quality assurance, product deployment and technical support.


The results of our research work lie in the software solutions implemented on innovative devices (DIAdvisorTM - FP7), solutions for data security and privacy (Operando – H2020), integrated e-health platforms, data acquisition, modelling and transmission systems (TELEMON - national R&D), and technical expertise and consulting in defining and developing the concept of “next generation” Medical Imaging ICT-integrated disciplines (AMI4EUROPE - FP7).


Due to previous experience in research and development projects and expertise in building client applications with critical data security requirements, RomSoft will be responsible for the client side architecture and implementation, the main objective being to build the client side (CS) of the Privacy Authority (PA) as outlined in the architecture concept of the system composed of User Agents applications (UAA) and PA server-side User Agents middleware (UAM).
RomSoft will design and implement the authentication systems (user authentication on PA server and cloud service authentication), and a real time interface for data exchange with the core PA services (components) – changes/updates of User Privacy Policy (UPP), user status, CSP services usage.