Fondazione Centro San Raffaele (FCSR – Milano, Italy) is a non-profit entity whose mission is the enhancement of basic, translational and clinical research in the fields of biomedical sciences and health management. FCSR has developed, over the years, a productive cooperation with IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital (OSR), a private Institution recognized by the Italian Ministry of Health as a Research Hospital (IRCCS). OSR comprises both clinical and research activities in order to advance the knowledge about human diseases and novel therapies. It counts on 12 Clinical Departments, 6 Research Divisions and 2 Research Centers. The cooperation between the Foundation and OSR has the aim of translating research results into medical practice.

FCSR includes among its significant assets a specific Unit oriented to Information Technology applications in health domain. e-Services for Life and Health is a research unit whose mission is twofold: (i) on one side to delivery specific services to the hospital infrastructure on the basis of person identification systems, clinical processes re-engineering methodologies and risks analysis procedures; (ii) on the other to design, develop and demonstrate the ethical, scientific, economic and technological feasibility of innovative personalized services aiming at promoting well-being and informed choices in daily life. FCSR and the e-Services for Life and Health unit have been actively involved both in coordination and participation to European projects, in the 5th Framework Programme (with the project DRIVE), in the 6th Framework Programme (with the projects PIPS, PRIME and ANGEL), and in the 7th Framework Programme (projects MASTER, ALIZ-E, TCLOUDS, ELLIOT, SAFROS, ISUR).





Ospedale San Raffaele (OSR) acts as a third party of Fondazione Centro San Raffaele (FCSR).

The master agreement between the FCSR and OSR provides the framework for the cooperation between the two institutions, with the goal of translating research results into medical practice. FCSR and OSR are affiliated entities. OSR is a private Institution, recognized by the Italian Ministry of Health as a Research Hospital (IRCCS). The OSR will support the work performed by FCSR in the project due to its expertise in Health and Genetics, collaborating with “eServices for Life & Health Unit” in FCSR that brings its expertise in the field of eHealth, IT architecture design and implementation and data modeling.