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You can help us with our mini-projects for external developers to expand the Operando platform.

These projects are updated below:


Mozilla Firefox Browser Extension

Within the scope of the project, the browser extension module of the project, developed as part of WP7, will be implemented for Google Chrome browser only. Therefore, to increase the appeal of the extension, and breadth of the audience, this extension could be implemented for other browsers, namely Mozilla Firefox. The aim of this activity is to achieve the browser extension functionality implemented for Mozilla Firefox users.


Translation of OPERANDO into other European Languages

Within the scope of the project, the OPERANDO platform will be delivered using English. OPERANDO aims to put the citizen in control of their data, and hence present choices in an understandable and simple way. Therefore, one extension to the project is to encourage others interested in privacy and native speakers or fluent in another language (as well as English) to translate user areas of OPERANDO to be understandable to others who can’t read English. Initial outcome is to translate the UI directed at the citizen user into three languages other than English.


Expand PlusPrivacy to new social networks

The B2C offering of OPERANDO named PlusPrivacy (  currently supports Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn services. However, there are many other widely used social networks or services which OPERANDO users might use in addition. Therefore, to expand this area of the project, research, documentation and implementation of methods to allow a PSP to monitor users’ privacy settings for other networks is needed. This work would increase the appeal of OPERANDO to more users, encouraging adoption. The aim for this work is to achieve research, documentation and implementation of methods for two out of: YouTube, Pinterest, tumblr, Instagram, reddit, VK(ontakte).


PSP Installer/Wizard

One avenue of exploitation for the project results is for new PSP’s to be set up using the source code of OPERANDO. This could be made simpler for the PSP if there were an automated installer or set up wizard which could be used to easily deploy a new PSP instance. The outcome of this work would result in a more attractive prospect for a potential PSP if the barrier to setting up was lower. Automated installer / Setup wizard that will be used to deploy a new PSP. Currently we have none, and there's not defined way for how to establish a new PSP instance. The aim for this work would be to define how to establish a new PSP instance, then create an automated way for new PSP’s to be set up.


OSP Operando SDK

This concept is a new idea, which replaces the RDF mapping for OSPs, where the aim here still focused on easing introduction of OSPs with OPERANDO. This concept involves the production of SDKs (Software Development Kits) for OSPs. This SDK would ease the integration with oData in OPERANDO, acting as an ORM (Object Relational Mapper). This is done via an interface to the functions relating to retrieval and request for data, making data access simpler for OSPs.